Woman shares tips for families dealing with hospital visitation restrictions after losing her husband of COVID-19

By | November 11, 2020

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – An Greenville women is powering through the grief of losing her husband to covid19 by helping families who have loved ones in the hospital.

Hospital visitation restrictions are still in place for any one​ in the hospital, so she’s sharing what she learned in the process of her husbands hospitalization and even now as she clings to his memory.

She admits this is tough to think about… Tough to plan. But she says now after having to bury her husband the day before their 22nd anniversary… She says she just wishes she had more voice messages

In this Greenville home that’s up for sale now, this final birthday card from last year and Greg’s chair is empty.

His wife Sharon is packing up to leave the upstate, but hopes you hear this message.

“I looked back and I grieve over those nine days he was in the hospital and I agreed that I didn’t communicate with him well. I think I feel like he was communicating with God. I have to believe that I wasn’t his everything,” says Sharon Powell.

A week before their 22nd anniversary, Greg died from COVID 19. Sharon says he was happy, healthy and planning to not wait for retirement to make memories with Sharon.

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Sharon says, “if you can’t be there, I kept thinking that we had to have this interaction. Well we don’t. They are sick they can’t talk. In the morning, sing them a song, read them a scripture.”

She says the last time she saw him, he was in a coma. Now, she’s shared an informative 19 minute message to YouTube in hopes of helping others learn how to make their loved ones comfortable while they fight with little to no visitors.

Woman speaks out after husband dies of COVID-19

She encourages families to make sure “you are pouring into them not down pouring into you because my husband every time he did anything his oxygen levels would do so I try not to text him very much so think if I had done the audio texting, he could’ve pushed a button.”

Sharon commended the nursing staff, who was with her husband in his final hours. One nurse even facilitated helping Sharon put together a photo collage for Greg. 

She believes that the nurses could benefit from the families being around. Sharon also believes that the families not being around “impedes them getting well. I think the nurses do everything they can and the nurses really want us to be there.”

She says the everyone should “be ready to be able to communicate because unless things change you’re still not going to be able to go see them.”

She gave these suggestions as well.


*Marco Polo is a GREAT video app. You can easily send videos back and forth.

*Send short audio or video messages that encourages your loved one.

*Ask  ‘general friends’ not to text or call him. It takes too much of their energy.

*Ask the nurses to help your loved one to FaceTime you or another family member.

*Ask nurses and doctors about their condition, not the patient.

*Make a ‘photo bag’ or ask the nurse to make one.




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