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By | October 18, 2020

I ignore President Trump the person, and instead focus on what’s been accomplished. Compare that to what Joe Biden is promising: the differences are stark and the choice is clear.

Vote for President Trump’s Successful Presidency, Not for the Man

By Howard Sierer

Democrats and their lapdogs in the media have succeeded in turning this election into a referendum on Trump as a person. Heck, I’d rather spend an evening with Joe Biden than with a narcissistic boor like Trump.

But despite media handwringing about his statements and tweets, Trump’s presidency has been a success on many fronts.

I say that because I judge politicians based on what they do, not on what they say. I haven’t watched a state of the union address in 40 years. I don’t watch presidential news conferences. I don’t follow Trump’s Twitter account and do my best to ignore media reporting on his often-ill-considered tweets. I haven’t seen or heard him speak on television for more than a few seconds; I’m not even sure I’d recognize his voice in a blind test.

I ignore President Trump the person, and instead focus on what’s been accomplished. Compare that to what Joe Biden is promising: the differences are stark and the choice is clear.

Start with judges. I mean judges that actually read the words in the Constitution and the law and rule accordingly. Judges who respect the rule of law instead of making it up as they go along, ruling according to their personal views of social justice. Trump has appointed 218 of these judges including two Supreme Court justices with a third pending.

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Next remember that the Republican Congress cut taxes and Trump slashed regulatory red tape, growing the economy much faster than Obama/Biden advisors claimed it could. Embarrassed by the obvious improvement, Obama tried to take the credit.

Democrats howled that the national debt would explode; they were wrong. The Congressional Budget Office predicted that growth attributed to the tax cuts would result in an additional $1.438 trillion in federal tax receipts over ten years, completely offsetting the cuts. Add an additional $700 billion in additional state and local tax receipts to the plus column.

Who’s paying these taxes? High income folks are paying more while most of us pay less.

Annual per capita income is expected to rise $2,250 over ten years. Many of those dollars will flow to women and minorities whose unemployment rates in early 2020 were the lowest ever recorded and whose wages were rising faster than those of professionals and managers.

Labor force participation dropped 4.6 percent during the Obama/Biden years, masking the true unemployment rate, but rose 1.1 percent in Trump’s three years, getting people off welfare and back to work.

While I disagree with Trump’s immigration policies, he deserves credit for insisting that immigration must follow existing law. What a concept: a president who implements the law as written and in stark contrast to Obama/Biden immigration executive orders that openly defied the rule of law.

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Congress enacts laws, the President implements them and judges rule on them as written. Democrats call that “right-wing.”

More progress toward Middle East peace has been made during Trump’s administration than in the last 25 years. He recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and suspended aid to the Palestinian Authority until it stops paying support to the families of deceased terrorists. Last month, Trump signed historic multilateral peace treaties his administration negotiated between the U.S., Israel and two of its Arab neighbors.

His administration has sued colleges that openly discriminate against Asians in admissions and reversed the improperly implemented Obama/Biden “guidance” instituting college kangaroo courts that stripped men of their Constitutional rights in sexual abuse cases.

The Trump administration has defended religious freedom at every opportunity. A recent case in point: Its regulation exempting employers with sincerely held religious beliefs from the Obama/Biden requirement to provide contraceptives in employee health care insurance.

His administration implemented sorely needed Medicaid reforms, cracking down on fraudulent claims while maintaining the program for those it was intended to serve. The deep blue state of Oregon alone saved $191 million the first year.

Administration efforts to identify ineligible Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“food stamps”) recipients have resulted in billions of savings while preserving the program for its intended beneficiaries. The Obama/Biden administration was quite happy to let the program balloon from $17 billion to over $70 billion during its term in office.

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The choice in November’s election is clear: radical left sock puppet Joe Biden is on record as opposing every one of the Trump administration’s accomplishments outlined above, every single one.

Ask yourself if your dislike for Trump as a person, a dislike I share, is worth reversing the wide range of positive accomplishments of the last four years. I’ll take the accomplishments.

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