USPS employee who claimed mail-in ballot tampering recants allegations

By | November 11, 2020

The United States Postal Service logo is seen on a mailbox outside a post office in Los Angeles, California, August 17, 2020. – The United States Postal Service is popularly known for delivering mail despite snow, rain or heat, but it faces a new foe in President Donald Trump. Ahead of the November 3 elections in which millions of voters are expected to cast ballots by mail due to the coronavirus, Trump has leveled an unprecedented attack at the USPS, opposing efforts to give the cash-strapped agency more money as part of a big new virus-related stimulus package, even as changes there have caused delays in mail delivery. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP) (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

ERIE, Pa. (WBTW) — A United States Postal Service worker who made claims of mail-in ballot tampering in Pennsylvania — which Senator Lindsey Graham called for investigation into — recanted his allegations Monday.

The USPS employee, identified as Richard Hopkins, signed a sworn affidavit alleging ballot tampering and fraud. In the affidavit, the postal worker alleged that postal supervisory officials hatched a plan to backdate ballots mailed after the election.

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The Oversight Committee said Hopkins, who was interviewed by investigators Friday and Monday, recanted the allegations without saying why he signed a false affidavit. There is no word if Hopkins will face perjury charges.

Lindsey Graham received a copy of the affidavit and called for an investigation into the matter.

Lindsey Graham’s statement said, in part:

“I will be calling on the Department of Justice to investigate these claims. I’ll also be in contact with the Postmaster General, requesting he to look into these allegations, ones that may follow, and help secure the testimony of Mr. Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins is entitled to all whistleblower protections, and I will ensure they extend to other postal workers who may come forward with claims of irregulates, misconduct, fraud, etc.”

Lindsey Graham’s office had not responded to requests for comment as of Tuesday evening.

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