UNL students finding new ways to make friends, socialize during pandemic

By | October 18, 2020

“At first, whenever we would go on Zoom, no one would say anything,” Anderson said. “I’m in a physics recitation group, and we’ve become pretty chatty. We’ll go to work on a team problem, but it’s never just 100% doing the work. I feel people are getting more comfortable talking to people on Zoom.”

Anderson said a recent power outage allowed her and her roommates to finally get to know more people on her floor in the Knoll Residential Center, where students have typically avoided one another during the pandemic.

“The only lights on were in the hallway, so that’s where everybody went,” she said.

In addition to joining the Big Red Investment Club and attending Mass and Bible study at the Newman Center, Acevedo said he’s made it a point to strike up conversations with other students in the classes that meet in-person, usually by asking them a question about an assignment.

Sometimes, he said, he’ll ask what someone got for an answer, even if he already knows it.

“I think everyone realizes they are not the only ones going through this,” Acevedo said. “If it’s hard for you, it’s hard for other people, so they are happy to be approached, and fortunately, I’ve made a couple of friends doing that.”

Price, whose three older siblings set some of his expectations for what college life would be like, said he’s making the most of an unusual situation.

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