This Week In Nebraska History

By | October 18, 2020

1870: As a Burlington train passed through Waverly, passengers noticed a house on fire and a woman standing outside wringing her hands. The conductor stopped the train, had it back up, and the passengers jumped off and put out the fire.

1880: The Catholics of Lincoln held a fair at which over $1,500 was raised. The money was to be used to pay off the debt on their church.

1890: Despite efforts of Lincoln policemen to ensure the closing of local saloons on Sundays, they made an unusual number of arrests for drunkenness. Police said most of those arrested had bottles in their possession.

1900: Fifty enthusiastic college students met at the Lindell Hotel at 12th and M streets and organized the Nebraska Republican League.

1910: Lincoln public school registration figures showed there were 956 students in high schools and 6,144 in the elementary schools.

1920: One of Nebraska’s last county seat contests was settled in an election that resulted in construction of a new Franklin County Courthouse in Franklin and abandonment of the old courthouse site in Bloomington, a smaller town about five miles west.

1930: Ernold G. Bahl, 35, a former aviation instructor at Lincoln, was fatally injured in a St. Louis auto accident. One of his Lincoln students was Charles A. Lindbergh, who in 1927 became the first person to fly an airplane alone and nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris.

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