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By | November 11, 2020

The walk in honor of our veterans begins at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning

(Veterans and supporters are walking 100 miles in a journey from Myrtle Beach to Charleston. The Veterans Victory Walk started at 6 o’clock Tuesday morning.

Together they walk. It’s a 100-mile trek down the South Carolina coast. Each step is a step towards creating awareness.

“Every single day we try to be strong. But just know that veterans are struggling every single day and they hide it very well,” said Paul Yurkin, Veterans Victory Walk organizer. “They have a face on. It’s a mask. Sometimes they look happy but inside they’re struggling.”

Veterans and active members from all branches of the military left the Myrtle Beach Veterans Center before sunrise, and they’ll see the sunrise again before they arrive at Patriots Point in Charleston some 35 hours later.

Considering what veterans do everyday, 100 miles is just a clip,” said Yurkin.

The journey has some on foot, others on wheels, and many suffering in silence.

But you can help with just a few words.

When you see someone wearing a veterans style shirt or hat or whatever, just tell them ‘Thank you’. Tell them ‘I appreciate you.’”

It’s the recognition that will make the Veterans Victory Walk victorious.

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The Veterans Victory Walk organizer expects they’ll arrive at Patriots Point in Charleston around 3 p.m. Wednesday on Veterans Day.

They’re traveling down U.S. 17 from Myrtle Beach to Patriots Point. You’re asked to honk, wave and show support if you see them on the road. For more information click here.

They’re also collecting donations to help veterans with disabilities, bills and those who are homeless. If you’d like more information or to donate, contact event organizer Paul Yurkin at [email protected] or call 843-997-4286.

Story reported on, and written by Amanda Kinseth ABC 13( WPDE). 

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