Latest News The United States 2020 Election - Scholastic Election

The United States 2020 Election – Scholastic Election


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The 2020 United States election

The United States presidential election is going to be held on November 3, 2020, i.e Tuesday. It is supposed to be the 59th quadrennial presidential election.

In US elections voters will vote to select the electors who further move on to vote on December 14, 2020, for the election of a new president and also the vice president or voters can also elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence respectively

However, the process of nomination of the president and vice president is an indirect kind of process where voters cast ballots selecting a clump of representatives to a political party nominating assembly which further elects their party’s nominees for the seat of president and vice president

Who Will Win The 2020 United States Election – Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Will Trump remain in the White House for the next four years?

The United States 2020 election
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It is total up to the voters whom they elect their next president for four years.
Whether Trump will remain in the White House for the next four years or not?
The Republican president i.e Donald Trump is being challenged by the leader of the Democratic Party who’s the nominee is Joe Biden.

During the tenure of Barack Obama, the Joe Biden was known as his vice president. He is in politics since the 1970s in the United States.

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As soon as the day of the election approaches some polling companies also try to gauge the polls of the nation by just predicting the polls of people that whether people want a Republican president or the Democratic president.

Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination over his rival named Senator Bernie Sanders. It is already announced by Biden that Senator and Kamala Harris, former presidential candidate.
She will be going to be the first Asian-American vice-presidential on a major party ticket

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Donald Trump

Jo Jorgensen secured the Libertarian nomination alongside her running mate Spike Cohen, while Howie Hawkins secured the Green Party nomination alongside running mate Angela Nicole Walker.

The final declaration of the winner of the 2020 presidential election is going to be held on January 20, 2021

National polls are a kind of predictions which somehow shows the results that which nominee is having more probability over the other to win the election but the polling system is not a good guide to predict the election as they just show a couple of numbers which might turn the tables shortly.

If we take the example of 2016 when Hillary Clinton led the polls as won 3 million more votes than that of Donald Trump but still she didn’t make it because the US uses the electoral college system.
So it is not a sure criterion that winning more votes can make it to the presidential seat.

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Also in recent years we can see the voting polls of Joe Biden as well where he’s in lead with 10-points over Donald Trump and it makes around almost 50% in recent weeks.

Here is an image showing the states where the election took place every four years for the presidential seat. People choose the president by making the best candidate win.

Who will win 2020 elctions in United states
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 What does Electoral College do? Role of the electoral college in the US election.

The 2020 United States election

The US electoral college system has to elect its president. There is total of 538 electoral college votes and candidate needs to have at least 270 votes to win the seat. Also, the number of votes is being given to each state on the basis of its population.

The states having more electoral college votes, candidates try to occupy votes from those battlegrounds which help them to win.

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Is Donald Trump leading the battleground states? What Polls Says About Joe Biden?

The United States 2020 election
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Well, in recent time its seen that Joe Biden is favored by the people in the battleground states but then there’s still a long time for the election so Donald Trump might beat Joe Biden when he will get up to the campaigns

In Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin-three industrial states-Joe Biden is leasing with the polls

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As its, the battleground states so Trump has to win more votes from the electoral college to win the seat. In 2016, the winning margin was about 8-10% but this time he might get more instead.

How Covid-19 affected Trump’s poll and The United States 2020 Election?

Covid-19 has a devastating effect on America and its economy is hit badly with the pandemic and ultimately people center Trump to not to stabilize the issues happening due to the pandemic smoothly.

So automatically, there left a mark in people’s minds that they might don’t give trump more votes this time. The pandemic has badly affected the headlines of the US since the start of the pandemic.

He also sought the help of about $50 billion for the destruction caused due to the virus. Though, half of the population approved the actions, according to data from Ipsos(polling company)

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