‘The Postal Service is doing their job’ in Butte’s mail-in ballot election year

By | October 17, 2020

Colleen Safratowich, the deputy clerk and recorder for Butte-Silver Bow, adds a crate of ballots to the stack of 2,600 ballots that was delivered from the United States Postal Service to the courthouse on Thursday and Friday. “The post office is doing their job and we are getting ballots back from voters,” said Sally Hollis, county clerk and recorder. “The faster voters can turn in their ballots to us, the faster the process of counting will go on election day.” Hollis said a steady stream of people have also been hand delivering ballots to the courthouse and ballot drop-off locations at the Butte Plaza Mall and Walmart. Hollis emphasized that postage on the ballots has been prepaid so sending them in the mail is a sure and safe method for voting this year.

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