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Nearly Every Challenge To Provisional Ballots In Delaware County Dropped, No Evidence Of Vote Fraud Found: Officials

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — The Delaware County Board of Elections announced Saturday that nearly every challenge to provisional ballots was dropped with only a small number of votes in the Nov. 3 election disqualified. Officials say the challenges against more than 1,700 of the nearly 9,000 ballots were filed almost exclusively by the Trump campaign.… Read More »

Democracy Depends on Good Losers

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser,” Vince Lombardi, a New Yorker (coaching at Fordham and with the Giants) before he went on to Green Bay and immortality, once said. Though the American form of good sportsmanship was almost invented in this city—the peerless Christy Mathewson of the early-twentieth-century baseball Giants… Read More »

Why Trump Carried Out His Pentagon Purge

In 2018, as American officials in Kabul were sitting down to negotiate with the Taliban, a bleak joke circulated in the U.S. Embassy that at any moment the talks could be derailed by “the Tweet of Damocles”—a unilateral decision by President Trump to withdraw all American soldiers from the country without any deal at all.… Read More »