Ricketts says he’s prepared to enact ‘more restrictive measures’ as numbers climb

By | November 12, 2020

Gov. Pete Ricketts has sounded the alarm about the increased spread of the coronavirus in Nebraska with a warning that “the situation in our hospitals is very serious” now.

Ricketts said he is prepared to respond with “more restrictive measures” to govern interaction if the growth in cases continues, although he continued to resist a mandate that would require people to wear masks.

However, in response to a question at a virtual Capitol news conference on Thursday, the governor said that an array of options such as economic or business shutdowns or some kind of restrictions on public interaction are “on the table.”

“The coronavirus not only continues to spread in Nebraska, it has picked up steam,” he wrote earlier in his weekly column and accompanied that with a warning on Twitter.

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“So far, we have been able to provide hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators to anyone who needs care,” he tweeted. “If trends continue, Nebraska will reach a point where that’s no longer possible.”

“If we don’t bend this curve down, we will take additional restrictive measures,” he said during his news conference.

“The pandemic is getting worse in Nebraska,” the governor said, and it is “spreading all across the state.”

Instead of what used to be 200 hospitalizations, there are now 885, he said. 

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