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Reader’s View: VP debate left out important info | Duluth News Tribune


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During the Oct. 7 vice presidential debate, Sen. Kamala Harris omitted information that could have benefited her running mate. One is that the U.S. was not the sole country in the Iranian nuclear deal. It included the U.S., UK, Russia, France, China, Germany, and members of the EU. The multibillion-dollar figure the current administration likens to a bribe to Iran was actually Iran’s own money frozen by world banks, unless they kept following the rules.

Harris also should have made it clear that many Democrats don’t want to end police protections and that justice will be served when “bad-apple” cops are brought to justice. Not all police, only those who abuse their power. Democrats also do not approve of Antifa or those who burn and loot like common criminals.

Democratic candidates should emphasize that access to better health care does not equal affordable health care that only the well-off can pay for. Reminiscent of the Vietnam My Lai paradox, Republicans seem intent on completely destroying Obamacare to save its best provisions. This makes no sense.

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The Paris accord would not have enslaved the U.S. The accord had absolutely no power to mandate compliance in any way and relies essentially on good-faith promises to help less-wealthy or less-capable countries reduce emissions. Also, Vice President Mike Pence was correct to say that our carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced, but it’s only because of the blow to our fossil-fuel industries by COVID-19.

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Most importantly, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has long opposed any proposals to pack the Supreme Court. Some Democratic factions proposed that to counter Trump’s open attempts to nominate conservatives into influential court positions. Biden has correctly stated that, “Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue,” which then would eclipse more substantive debates.

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