R-N-R Ethereal Investigations hosts Marion County ghost hunt

By | October 18, 2020

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – R-N-R Ethereal Investigations along with Appalachian Revenant League hosted a ghost hunt on a property in Marion County at a historic coal camp home.  

Paranormal spirit detector

 R-N-R Ethereal Investigations has captured paranormal evidence on properties on Freeland Street in Fairmont. A free-roam paranormal investigation was offered for attendees. Cost for the ghost hunt is fifteen dollars per person of twenty-five dollars per couple.  

“We got some creepy vibes, we got the EMF detector to go off, we got some, I don’t know some creepy stuff going on,” said Kerri Acheson, a resident of Rivesville. 

Rose William who is a co-founder of R-N-R Ethereal Investigations said her home is a hot spot for paranormal activity. She said that there a lot of history more so about the land than the home dating back the when settlers took property from the Native Americans.  

“My first experience here actually was laying back down in bed after getting the kids off to school and I look up at the ceiling and the fan was going off but it was backwards,” said Rose Williams, Co-founder of R-N-R Ethereal Investigations. 

R-N-R Ethereal Investigations also tells the history of events and happenings that took place on the property and surrounding areas before each ghost hunt.  

Ghost hunt attendees

“When the blue room was my room, I used to feel my ankle tugged on and I would feel like I was being watched from the closet that sits near the bathroom,” said Willams. 

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Video footage and sound has been captured that documents the paranormal activity on the property. More ghost hunts will be offered October 24, 25, and 30.  

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