Positive Test Confirmed for Sam Pittman, will not coach at Florida

By | November 10, 2020

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (Pig Trail Nation) — Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman will miss the Florida game after a follow-up test confirmed he has COVID-19. The second test came after Pittman tested positive in a routine test on Sunday.

Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom will coach the Razorbacks this weekend in Florida as the Razorbacks face the 6th ranked Gators Saturday night.

Pittman talked about the scenario if he wasn’t able to coach this weekend.

“Well, Barry, right now he’s basically at practice,” Pittman said. “You know I have the tone setter for practice. And then during practice I run basically all the timing of practice, and certainly oversee every drill and all those things. Barry won’t be able to do that, because he has a defense to get ready. Like today we have the good, bad and ugly tape. Kendal will work the good and bad on offense. Barry will do it on defense and Scott will do it on special teams. 

“When we go out to practice, somebody on the equipment staff will run the timing of practice instead of me, and Barry will coach defense. But as far as the voice of the team and those things, that’ll be coach Odom. Certainly if I’m not able to go to Florida on Saturday, he’ll act as the head coach and he’ll do a damn fine job I’m sure.”

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