Phoenix Women’s March attendees call for change, chant for ‘love — not hate’

By | October 18, 2020

Mike Ostermeyer choked up as he remembered the pain that prompted him to show up to the Phoenix Women’s March held on Saturday at the grounds of the Arizona Capitol.

The grief that 59-year-old Ostermeyer still carried six years after the death of his beloved wife was apparent as he described the “extraordinary” person she was and the values she instilled in the family they raised.

“(She) made clear to me … the importance of, the gift of, strong, smart, capable women,” he said.

He still feels an “obligation” to fight for the causes his late wife would have embraced had she been alive to witness the presidency of Donald Trump.

He also has a responsibility to “honor her legacy” by fighting for a better world for the three children they raised over their 30-year marriage.

That includes a daughter, a junior in college, whose mention also brought Ostermeyer to tears.

“I’m responsible for providing her future,” he said.

Mike Ostermeyer holds up his sign opposing President Donald Trump while at the Arizona Capitol lawn on Oct. 17, 2020.

He echoed a similar statement when talking about his two military-member sons. Ostermeyer said the last four years under Trump have been “absolutely a disgrace to military families.”

He attended the rally alone, standing near a tree that offered a modest amount of shade and relief from 90-degree temperatures. It also offered distance from where a majority of protesters gathered. 

Though he acknowledged it’s “a little bit awkward” to attend rallies alone, he encouraged more people — particularly men — to get involved in women’s issues and marches.

“Men like me … should take the time to experience what it means to be in the context of women who are forceful leaders,” he said.

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