United States News Nebraska Omaha Blacks, Latinos played major role in Biden winning...

Omaha Blacks, Latinos played major role in Biden winning electoral vote in Nebraska


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Of course, people of color live in all parts of Omaha, and Biden would not have won in the 2nd District without a lot of white voters. He did well in parts of west Omaha, too.

McKesson attributed Biden’s overall showing in metropolitan Omaha to the campaign’s effort to “build a broad coalition, from progressive Democrats to conservative Republicans.”

Who are the Biden-Bacon voters in the Omaha area?

When in came to people of color, Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan identified and spoke to different communities of color individually, recognizing that different issues affect them in different ways, McKesson said.

“The one thing that really stood out is that he did not lump us all into one melting pot,” she said.

In Nebraska as well as nationally, the campaign formed organizations of people from various communities of color and connected them with surrogates from the campaign to discuss issues and motivate people to vote. People called and texted friends and acquaintances in an organized manner to encourage and remind them to vote.

Preston Love Jr., a Democrat who was a write-in Senate candidate, has been working on Black voter participation for decades. He estimated North Omaha and Black voter turnout at about 60%, well above 2016’s turnout of about 50%.

Overall, Douglas County had record voter turnout of 72.8% this election, with provisional ballots yet to be counted. That tops the previous record of 72.6% in 2008, when Barack Obama became the nation’s first Black president. Like Biden this year, Obama won the 2nd District’s electoral vote in 2008.

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