United States News Nevada Nevada’s Congressional District 2 candidates spar over COVID, immigration...

Nevada’s Congressional District 2 candidates spar over COVID, immigration at debate


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Rep. Mark Amodei and Democratic challenger Patricia Ackerman’s debate Friday centered mostly on President Trump’s policies, with Ackerman repeatedly blaming Amodei for his support of Trump.

She charged that Amodei has repeatedly supported Trump’s focus on big corporations and failed to support small businesses that anchor the nation’s economy.

Patricia Ackerman

“Either Mark and those in Washington don’t understand how bad it is or they don’t care,” she charged. “He put large corporations and the large tax cuts ahead of working families.”

Ackerman especially cited Nevada’s farmers and ranchers.

But Amodei said those businesses disagree with her since both the Cattlemen’s Association and Nevada Farm Bureau have supported his re-election.

Mark Amodei

Ackerman’s also criticized his failure to be in Washington for a vote supporting the U.S. Postal Service.

 But Amodei pointed out he is a co-founder of the congressional group that secured a $10 billion line of credit for the postal service — a line of credit he says that the postal service didn’t need. He said the service would be OK if it wasn’t required to prepay employee benefits.

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Ackerman said Amodei opposed funding for Planned Parenthood, but he said he supported continued funding for the Reno clinic and for rural clinics in Nevada.

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“Please talk to the clinic associations, please talk to the rural health associations,” he said.

Asked whether the District of Columbia should become a state, Ackerman said yes. Amodei said, “I don’t care. Period.” He said he is focused on Nevada.

On immigration, Ackerman criticized the fact that no progress has been made on the issue for more than four years.

Amodei said he is one of two Republicans who signed a discharge petition that would have force the issue to a floor vote. But she said Amodei has said nothing about the cruelty and demonization of immigrants at the border.

Asked how to clean up the rhetoric in Washington D.C., Ackerman said people have to take charge of the negative messages they are putting out.

Amodei said simply, “outlaw all campaign consultants,” who he said are paid more and more to cause dissension and strife in elections.

The forum was sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada, in partnership with Sierra Nevada Forums and AAUW Capital (NV) Branch. It was co-sponsored by NGBN-TV and the Nevada Appeal.

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To learn more about the candidates, click here.

View the first part of the debate:

View the second part of the debate:

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