Latest News Nate Silver - The United States Election Prediction 2020

Nate Silver – The United States Election Prediction 2020


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Nate Silver election prediction 2020

Do you know who will win the next 2020 United States elections? What does Nate Silver say?

This is what everyone is wondering to know! Who will win the 2020 Presidential elections? Is Donald Trump really make it?
So, we all are heading up with these questions right now. Here, we will get to know what exactly Polls of Silver Nates say all about the 2020 elections.

People are waiting for this with bated breath to know about their next President. Lets know-how Nate explains this!

Nate Silver on 2020 US Elections – Who Will be the next President?- Donald Trump or Joe Biden!


Nate silver election prediction 2020

Pollster Nate Silver says Trump can ‘absolutely win’ 2020 election despite dive in polls

On Sunday, pollster Nate Silver insisted that President Trump can ‘definitely win’ the 2020 presidential elections and can beat Joe Biden behind the electoral polls.

Who is Nate Silver?

Nate silver 2020 election prediction

Nate Silver! Don’t you know? Actually, he’s an American statistician who analyzes elections and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight (a polling analysis, politics, economics, and sports website)

The website was designed with a purpose of polling predictions for the elections in The United States

The website was founded by Nate Silver on March 7, 2008, which focuses on polling aggregation and the very first blog created by Nate Silver which further became a licensed feature of The New York Times online. Further, the website renamed FiveThirtyEight: Nate Silver’s Political Calculus.

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Also, Reported on ABC News on Sunday Silver has given his statistics related to the 2020 prediction of Presidential elections where he said that Joe Bidden can have the 9-point advantage over Donald Trump but further he said that national polling ‘doesn’t really matter’.

As once, Hillary Clinton’s poll was also at the higher points but he isn’t president today.

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Also, a candidate must win the votes from the electoral college to become president as Trump got in 2016
Here are some previous points of the candidates who stood in elections.

In 2008 President Obama led Sen. John McCain by 6 points . And Hillary Clinton got 7-points more than Trump.

So these results show there might be cases by which we can say that Donald Trump can make it to the top beating the other.

Trump’s chances for a comeback is quite high according to the polls and it’s on the incumbent side.

“So Trump needs to make a comeback. Again, there’s plenty of time for that and maybe also get some help from the electoral college,” Silver observed.

It took a lot of efforts and factors that Silver goes through to give predictable statistics that influence the forecast.

Nate Silver and The Fortune Of The United States

In an interview, Kurl Wagner wrote in a famous Fortune magazine, “Statistician Nate Silver isn’t famous because he’s a mathematical genius. (Although, he is.) Silver’s well-known because he knows how to apply his craft to the real world.”

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And obviously, it is a huge compliment that Nate can get and primarily defines that stats are always taken under consideration.nd then at the lecture, Nate did exactly what was said by Wagner. He put all the data, facts and trends together and analyzed all of them together that who will win the presidential seat at that very moment – and to know what will happen in 2020

Nate formatted everything very clearly there he mentioned a snapshot which can lead to another prediction at the very another moment. Joe Biden is in lead but only over Elizabeth Warren by Silver.

Also, the top 3 candidates have almost about 70 percent of the vote. And there is not a clear winner at this point. Further, the discussion went on to the probability for Biden, Warren, and Trump.

Joe Biden and 2020

Nate silverelection prediction 2020

Joe Biden has a vast coalition in the party so far as when Silver started from Biden’s leads in the electoral national polls.

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Also Silver has won on his predictions many times and again having experience in perceiving the electability very well. Also, Biden has the capability to beat a strong competitor like Trump. However, democrats especially wants Biden to win because they really want Biden to beat Trump.

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Donald Trump and 2020

Nate Silver 2020 election prediction

According to Silver, 70 percent of reigning presidents re-elected if we look back in history. However, Donald Trump’s running the country well, the economy and stock market are also up to the mark.
And if we look after the Electoral College it might go in the favor of Trump’s victory again.
Moreover, records show that the people admire  Donald Trump only by 53.9 percent which is a low number. There seems to be a large number of chaos in the house of The President (The White House)as well.

Thereby people are also angry upon the actions taken by the Trump fir Syria and Turkey which can also affect his position in coming elections.
Silver said, “Trump barely won last time, and candidates that win by narrow margins often struggle to be re-elected.”

Here are some tweets from @thisweekabc

Let’s Conclude

Nate silver election prediction 2020

So What you think who will win?
Yeah, it’s quite early that we are making assumptions and when we see polls they are down by 11 percent of average right now. Predictions do not always win so let’s see what will exactly happen!


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