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By | November 11, 2020

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The 2020 election numbers nationwide have not been made official, but the City of Bowling Green Mayoral race election has.

With 14,494 votes, Todd Alcott is the mayor-elect.

Alcott will fill the seat of the incumbent Mayor Bruce Wilkerson who decided not to run this year for re-election and endorsed Alcott as the next mayor.

Alcott was the only candidate on the ballot while Tom Morris and Chris Page were write-in candidates, receiving nearly 4,000 votes combined.

“There’s big shoes to fill. I’m excited about this position, but the first thing is to kind of get down to the nit grit. We are kind of in a crisis situation. We have the COVID. We have businesses that are on its knees. We have a ballpark that hasn’t run baseball games. We have a community that has need. The first thing is to sit down with our city manager Jeff Meisel and see what him and his team really need from the new city management,” said Alcott.

In Bowling Green, the mayor holds a seat on the city commission.

While the mayoral seat and the Bowling Green City Commissioners are all nonpartisan positions, the commissioners elected in the 2020 race have vastly different views in some areas.

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Alcott said the key to working together is to build a relationship with the other commissioners.

“I want the people on the city commission that are newly elected and those that are already elected to know that I am going to be a leader that works with them. I am going to be a leader that actually looks at taking care of our community and I will treat them with dignity and respect,” said Alcott.

The mayor elect called parks and recreation one of his top priorities.

“Our parks bring us together as a community and I’d love to see the green space continue and I’d love to work with the county to connect those so that we have safe places for us to walk or go out on a bicycle or just take our kids and just have that enjoyment that brings with that,” said Alcott.

Mayor elect Alcott will take his seat as mayor on Jan. 1, 2021.

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