Man shot dead in pickup truck by Glendale police was unarmed, attorney says

By | November 14, 2020

A man inside a pickup truck on Colorado Boulevard, who was shot dead by Glendale police, was unarmed, according to an attorney representing the dead man’s family.

Provided by Haltzman Law Firm

The driver’s side window of a Dodge Ram is damaged by shots fired on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. John Pacheaco Jr. was shot multiple times when inside the vehicle by Glendale police.

John Pacheaco Jr., 36, was shot on Oct. 31 when officers surrounded the pickup truck, which had come to a stop in traffic as vehicles drove around it. The shooting is being investigated by Denver police.

Matthew A. Haltzman, a Fort Collins attorney who represents Pacheaco’s family, said he met with a Denver police investigator on Friday.

“We’ve confirmed there was no firearm, no knife or no gun,” Haltzman said. “This is not a firearms case.”

Based on Friday’s meeting, Haltzman believes police will “unjustifiably” claim that the pickup truck, with Pacheaco behind the wheel, “posed a dangerous and deadly condition, and that’s why the shooting was warranted.”

Police have said little about the ongoing case. They described Pacheaco as “unresponsive” when officers approached the truck, which had been reported stolen.

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