Lindsay Lohan Punched after Accusing a Syrian Family

By | September 29, 2018

Lindsay Lohan Punched in the face after accusing a Mom of trafficking her own kids. Lindsay Lohan‘s latest Instagram Live video shocked every single fan of her. On Sep 28, after leaving the club Lindsay followed a Syrian family out of suspicion. She tells her followers, “Look what’s happening. They’re trafficking children.” Though she had no confirmation. She continued her move and in a bad Arabic accent, tells the two children, “I won’t leave until I take you… Hey, kids!”

The scene created when the actress initiated another step towards this and finally went to the children to take them with her. This bizarre act of her irritated the mother and she punched and pushed the actress to the ground. Well, the footage reveals the whole story of Lindsay harassing the refugee family on IG Live.

According to Lindsay, she was just trying to save the kids but the internet is flooded with thousands point of views now. Well, in the end, what matters is the footage of Lohan crying into her camera talking about how “scared” she is and that is available with a tweet.

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