JKBose 8th Class Science 2016 Paper Jammu

By | January 18, 2018

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education formally known as JKSBSE or JK SBOSE) is the official board of school education in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is based in Jammu & Srinagar and is an autonomous education body under the administration of the state government of J&K. The board gives affiliation to more than 10K schools across the state and employs more than 22K teachers.

The board is engaged to determine the courses of direction and make syllabi for them, and to choose reading material for the elementary, and secondary schools and for the higher secondary (school degree) school examinations; to lead open examinations and publish the results at the secondary school and higher secondary levels; to concede diplomas or certficates/endorsements to individuals who have passed its examinations; to perceive instructive foundations at the auxiliary school and higher optional levels, and direct reviews of perceived establishments, guaranteeing that required encourages, hardware, and staff are set up, that exclusive the affirmed books and courses are instructed, and that the measures are as per the significant directions; to expel acknowledgment from schools that don’t meet the correct conditions; to administer and control the perceived organizations; and exercise different forces given to it by law.

                             JKBose 8th Class Science 2016 Paper Jammu

(Section -1)

Q1.Cholera is caused by ……………

Q2.Full form of LPG ………….

Q3.Species found only in particular area is known as ……..

Q4.The number of nuclei present in zygote is ………….

Q5.The number of oscillations per second of a vibrating object is called period.  (True/False)

Q6.The passage of electric current through a solution cause ……… effect.

Q7.Angle of incidence is always greater than the angle of reflection.   (True/False)

Q8.Metal react with oxide to produce ……. Gas.


(Section – 2)

Q9.What are contact forces? Give one example.

Q10.  What are meteors?

Q11. Why we cannot store pickle in an aluminum utensil.

Q12. Define electroplating.

Q13. Define asexual reproduction.

Q14. Give three example of uni-cellular organism.

Q15. Give three differences between a star and planet.

Q16. What is dynamic friction or sliding friction? Why is dynamic friction slightly less than limiting friction?

Q17. Why phosphorous is stored in water?

Q18. Does pure water conduct electricity? If not, what we can do to make it conducting.

Q19. Differentiate between external and internal fertilization.

(Section – 3)

Q20. Define asexual reproduction. Describe two methods of asexual reproduction in animals.


Q21. Explain the difference between pure air and polluted air.

Q22. Friction is necessary evil. Explain?


Q23. Define friction? How it can be reduced.

Q24. Write five physical properties of metal. Explain malleability and ductility.


Q25. Give five uses of each metals and non-metal.

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