JKBose 12th Class Physical Education 2017 Paper Jammu

By | January 7, 2018

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education formally known as JKSBSE or JK SBOSE) is the official board of school education in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is based in Jammu & Srinagar and is an autonomous education body under the administration of the state government of J&K. The board gives affiliation to more than 10K schools across the state and employs more than 22K teachers.

The board is engaged to determine the courses of direction and make syllabi for them, and to choose reading material for the elementary, and secondary schools and for the higher secondary (school degree) school examinations; to lead open examinations and publish the results at the secondary school and higher secondary levels; to concede diplomas or certficates/endorsements to individuals who have passed its examinations; to perceive instructive foundations at the auxiliary school and higher optional levels, and direct reviews of perceived establishments, guaranteeing that required encourages, hardware, and staff are set up, that exclusive the affirmed books and courses are instructed, and that the measures are as per the significant directions; to expel acknowledgment from schools that don’t meet the correct conditions; to administer and control the perceived organizations; and exercise different forces given to it by law.

JKBose 12th Class Physical Education 2017 Paper Jammu

Physical Education (SET- A) 

(Long Answer Type Questions)

Q1. What do you mean by Endurance? How can you prove it to be an ability to resist against fatigue?


Describe interval training in detail. Give its merits and demerits.

Q2. Explain how can social quantities be developed through medium of physical education and sports.


Write the significance of Sociology in the field of Physical Education.

Q3. What is positive environment? Elaborate any three important elements of it.


Enumerate the role of an individual for improvement of positive environment.

(Short Answer Type Questions)

Q4. Write down the factors affecting physical fitness.

Q5. Mention various methods of endurance training with a brief explanation.

Q6. Give important qualities of a good captain.

Q7. What is the need and importance of moral education in present era?

Q8. Explain briefly some essential elements of sports environment.

Q9. Give a brief account of yoga.

Q10. Briefly explain dehydration, heat stroke and excise induced asthma.

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)

Q11. Elaborate any two components of Physical fitness known to you.

Q12. What do you understand by Leadership? Give its type.

Q13. Write a brief account on morality.

Q14. How safe water is beneficial for improvement of positive environment?

Q15. What do you mean by Niyam and Yama?

Q16. Briefly explain two techniques for putting shot

Q17. Draw and label throwing sector of shot put.

(Objective Type Questions)

Q18. An ……….. is one who takes part in track and field events.

Q19. Basket ball was originated in United States of America in ……………

Q20. …………. Scoring a point after a deuce is said to have gained an advantage.

Q21. Choose the most appropriate answer of the following:

Q22. Who define sports training as the basic form of preparation of a sportsman?

Q23. Which of the following is endurance development training method?

Q24. Speed of movement is known as Locomotor ability. (True/False)

Q25. What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat?

Q26. Answer the following questions in a few words or sentences or as may be required:

Q27. Define the term RICE

Q28. What is Contusion?

Q29. Define Fatigue.

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