Latest News Iphone 12 Flip, Clamshell Design Full Correct Information.

Iphone 12 Flip, Clamshell Design Full Correct Information.


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There is nothing happening like an iPhone 12 Flip, clamshell design but there are chances to have Galaxy Fold alternative in the works by Apple.

iPhone 12 Flip

Rumours Or Really iPhone 12 Flip, Clamshell Design Is Launching:

A number of rumours are getting popular saying we will get a clamshell designed iPhone this year, there is absolutely no doubt Apple is researching and working on flexible displays and will soon launch one handset with the features.

A lot of questions are of course coming in everyone’s mind when we will see the phone and how it will look like? Independent designers gave us clues regarding the patents and concepts but we also know, Apple is a known company which never risk regarding their designs.

So, if by the time Apple will release a foldable handset you can be sure that technology will be latest, unique and more developed than today.

What Do We Know About Apple’s Clamshell Designed Phone?

The Next launches by Apple will be the parts of it’s iPhone 12 series and we all are aware of this how new launches of iPhone devices shake out all over the world. It is expected that the screen of the iPhone 12 model will be 5.4- and 6.1- inch alongside and iPhone 12 pro device at 6.1- and 6.7- inches.

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Rear cameras of pro models will contain a feature of the triple-lens rear camera with LiDAR sensors. The display will be initially 120Hz and faster 5G connectivity because of the millimetre wave support.

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When Will Apple Launch It’s Clamshell Designed Phone?

It was said iPhone 12 will launch in September or perhaps October, with delays of few weeks due to coronavirus pandemic. So, after that Apples next move is only anyone’s guess.

iPhone 12 Flip

We would have heard some indication by know if, Apple was planning to introduce a foldable phone-in 2021. Two years back in 2018 also, a Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst stated that Apple is preparing to launch a foldable phone in 2020, but from the last two years till now seemingly no movement came on that claim.

Even though many believe they won’t have to wait for so long to use a foldable iPhone. Likewise, in February a man named as William LaCourse, who works as a professor of glass science at Alfred University in New York. He stated that Corning’s development of flexible glass is likely a clue that soon Apple will launch its first foldable handset in one or one and a half years.

How The Clamshell Designed iPhone Will Look Like?

It is also really early to say anything about how the phone will look like. But Apple’s patent filings have thankfully, provided us with some rough ideas. In February one of the pAtents of Apple said that theoretically, the foldable display is allowed to bend in the middle without creating any extensive stress on the panel of the phone.

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iPhone 12 flip

The display is creating more of a gradual curse than a hard crease. The expectation is that this design will increase the durability and has extended the life of the display.

In March, we came to know from one more Apple patent that iPhone is introducing a new model named as “Joint Operating Mode” which would supplement a single screen device by the magnetically-connected secondary display.

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In Theory, this mode would allow the independent device to join to comprise one shared space, which can not pertain to a whole singular foldable panel idea.

Cost of Clamshell designed phone:

This is the toughest question to answer because the guessed price has never factored a few foldable iPhones rumours there and it directly depends on how the company approaches the design.

We all are well aware of the price list of the company. Like the premium handset iPhone 11 Pro Max $1,099, if Apple opts for a cheaper and smaller foldable then the phone’s price may not be far cry from it.

But if the foldable iPhone is also intended like Galaxy fold that can be changed as a tablet when needed then it is surely possible the price will be more then of Apple’s more conventional smartphones.

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