United States News Florida Hurricane Warnings for Central America Ahead of Iota

Hurricane Warnings for Central America Ahead of Iota


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There’s yet another tropical storm in the Atlantic, and this one could bring serious impacts to parts of Central America this weekend and next week.

Tropcial Storm Iota formed in the central Caribbean on Friday afternoon, continuing a record run of tropical systems in the Atlantic this season.

It’s not expected to threaten the U.S., however.

What You Need To Know

  • Tropical Storm Iota formed over the southern Caribbean Sea
  • It’s expected to strengthen into yet another hurricane
  • It could strike a similar area that Hurricane Eta hit in Central America earlier this month
  • No U.S. impacts are currently expected, however

Thanksgiving and the official end of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season are mere weeks away, but the record-setting Atlantic hurricane season shows no signs of slowing down.

Tropical Storm Iota formed over the southern Caribbean Sea, and it’s expected to strengthen as it moves west. It’s the record-breaking 30th named storm to form in the Atlantic so far this season.

Its current trajectory takes it toward Central America later this weekend, potentially leading to a landfall as a hurricane early next week.

This would strike a similar area that Hurricane Eta hit just a few weeks ago. Eta led to heavy rain, mudslides and widespread flooding in the countries of Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras.

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Unfortunately, a similar scenario could well play out from this storm as it pushes west over the next few days.

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Hurricane and tropical storm warnings are in place for parts of the Cenral American countries of Nicaragua and Honduras, along with some of Colombia’s outer islands as well.

Records, Records and More Records

Tropical Storm Eta was the 12th named storm to make landfall in the United States this season when it crossed the Florida Keys Sunday night. Here’s a look at the other 11 U.S. landfalls.

You name the record, and there’s a decent chance that the 2020 Atlantic tropical season’s broken it.

From the earliest named storms on record to a record-breaking 12 landfalls, 2020 is producing a laundry list of records – and we still have a few weeks to go in the official season.

The National Hurricane Center named three storms on the same day, September 18, leading to another record for this hurricane season. This pushed us into the Greek alphabet.

We’ve now crossed Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, and Eta off the list, all the earliest times on record for those names in the Greek alphabet. 

It’s only the second time we’ve dipped into the Greek alphabet to name storms. That last time was in 2005 where we made it to Zeta, the sixth name on the list.

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