Health Department increasing COVID-19 compliance, inspections at Louisville businesses

By | November 11, 2020

Health Department increasing COVID-19 compliance, inspections at Louisville businesses

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So what we’ve been doing is working with public and private sector partners to increase testing and contact. Tracing testing is widely available. That is not a constraint. So if you need to test or you just want to test, you can get a test quite easily, and we have a list of test sites at Louisville K y dot gov. You see this on the screen right here, and you recall back in the early days of the test, it took quite a bit of time to get results. That is not the case now, so there’s plenty of tests available. You can get the results very quickly today. Results are often coming back in 24 hours. We’ve also expanded our public health department to deal with the virus more effectively. We now have almost 300 contact tracers to help people who test positive and to also let others know if they’ve been exposed so they can isolate or quarantine as needed. And if people need resource is a place to stay some food to help them get through the isolation or quarantine period, there are ways that we can help with that as well. Now we’re doing all this, obviously, because we don’t want people take more people to get sick and we don’t want more people to die. And we also don’t want our hospitals to be overwhelmed. We’re starting to see that in some cities around the country. Right now. Our hospitals currently do have capacity that could change. There’s not as much concerned with the number of beds is. There is staffing availability for nurses and doctors to deal with patients that have co vid. So that’s why we’ve gotta all be working together to take responsibility for keeping this cove in 19 in check. Last month, Governor Bashir announced some guidelines to help do that for communities in the red zone. So we want to remind people of that and again asked the media to post these. We know it’s not new news, but we’re not getting the results that we need. Maybe that’s the news, and so we need to continue these type of basics. Remember, if you can’t tele work if possible, government offices that don’t provide critical services are operating virtually reduce in person shopping or online, or pick up curbside as much as possible. Just be thinking the more. You can restrict your interaction with other people, the less chance the virus has to spread order. Take out. Avoid dining in restaurants or bars, but always leave a big tip. Prioritized businesses that follow enforced to mass mandate and guidelines. If you If you’ve got an event, please reschedule it or postpone it. Don’t bring people together. Don’t host to attend gatherings of any large size. We’ll be talking about Thanksgiving here in a moment and avoid nonessential activities outside of your home. Reduce overall activity and contacts. Still exercise. You could go outside. No problem. If you’re not around people, you don’t need a mask. And so you want to keep that part of your routine going as well. But those are the things that we can do to make sure that the virus is not spreading. Uh, so, uh, we also want to talk about young people. If anybody thinks that they’re below a certain age and healthy and it won’t matter if you get co vid, we know there’s been lots of reports that is not true, and I wanted to share a description of the disease. Remember of our team here in Metro a person in their thirties who said it was like every kind of sick I’ve ever been all at the same time the worst cold, the flu, a stomach virus and all my allergies hitting me at once for weeks. So this person now has recovered, thankfully, but this is still an experience we’d all like to avoid and avoid giving it to others. Some who could have even more severe and even potentially fatal reaction to the virus were over 400 deceased in Jefferson County since the beginning of the virus. We obviously do not want any more. So let’s talk about that and more with Dr Sarah Moyer. She’s our city’s chief health strategist and director of public health and wellness. Dr. Moore is gonna run us through our public facing dashboard right now on offer some comments, Dr. More Thanks, Mayor. Just want to repeat what you’ve been saying the time now to renew and strengthen our commitment to fighting the virus together. I know a lot of you are doing the right thing and you’ve been sacrificing over the last year to protect yourself and also because you care about others. Thank you, Andi. Please don’t give up. Stay strong. We can do this, but it’s going to take all of us. So getting to the dashboard, um, we are, as you said in the red, Um, we still have uncontrolled spread in the community that is really read. Um so beating that red zone wanna make it clear that everyone in the community is at risk for catching cove it or spreading it to your friends, family and co workers if you let your guard down. Um, recording new record amount of Kobe cases weekly. We’re at 2300 this week. Um, which is about the same as last week. Record numbers since the start of the pandemic. Um, and it continues to surge in our community. A majority of our cases come from household contact, but that means that someone is bringing the virus into the home before it can spread to other family members. So just please be careful, especially when you’re going out. Sports teams and churches, event venues, bars, restaurants, other businesses. Uh, make sure, uh, that you are following The red recommendations are deceased. We’ve had 24 new deaths reported, um, in the last week, and these have been in individuals ranging ages from 58 to 97. I want everyone to live as long and it’s full of life as possible. These people were chaired family members who are missing this upcoming holiday season in years to come. So let’s please do all that we can to stop the spread of the virus and prevent further deaths are rolling. Testing positivity is 6.7. Uh, this is too high, and it means that we were missing new cases. So now is the time to sign up for a test if you’re having any symptoms like headaches, fatigue, congestion, loss of taste or smell, or you’ve been a close contact to a case or if it’s been a week since you lasted a risky activity, like having friends over for a Halloween party going to a wedding or a crowded bar, we still have plenty of testing capacity in the city, and more sites are getting added weekly, so please check out our website and sign up for a test. I know many of you have enjoyed going out to Bluewater Southeast Christian site. Um, that has not required signing up ahead of time for an appointment because that’s become so popular in traffic, um, and throughput and become an issue. They’re gonna be switching to an online sign up in our blocks. I’m starting this evening s Oh, please get online and and book the time you think you’ll be out there. Andi, if that sites full, there are many others that still have availability across the community or are hospitalized patients. You can see the case count. Um, as our case counts increased, so did the number of hospitalized patients just slightly delayed. Um, there were 270 as of, um, yesterday or turned 59 as yesterday. Um, these numbers are the highest numbers that we’ve seen since Cove. It began. And as you said, Mayor, hospitals and our health care system have capacity right now. Um, but they are beginning to see staffing challenges. Healthcare workers are being exposed to cope 1/19 outside of their health care setting, which then prevents them from coming to work. So if this rapid growth continues and if, as expected, with colder weather and people going inside and getting together with Thanksgiving, um, it means it could only it might only be a few short weeks before our hospitals have staffing challenges. I see you patients also at the highest that they’ve been since the pandemic started. Um, 62 as of yesterday. And I see you and 38 on ventilators. Um, next down is our ZIP code map. We continue to see Kobe and every single zip code. Um, and just looking at the demographics. There’s a higher rate of cova cases among our black and Latino communities. But in the last month, the largest increase continues to be in our white populations. And then, uh, the latest news feature is our incident map. It starts in you, and you could see it going through their how? Over the summer, we’re in the yellow and red and slowly became orange. Um, And as we get into october and November, um, the entire community has turned, uh, read. So please be careful no matter where you live. Um, and we all really must be doing what we can if you can stay home. That is what we’re recommending right now. Um, what? Your shopping Back toe online. Um, work with your employers to make sure they’re following the red recommendations, and, um we will get through this together. Your man There’s a couple questions. Okay. Sorry. Sorry about that. Just for some comparative data. Uh, on hospitalization on October the first, we had 95 people in the hospital with Kobe versus the 2. 59 we have now. We had 23 people in the I C U versus 62 that we have now in 19 people on vents versus 38 so you can see the rapid increase that we’ve got taking place. It’s not exponential like you see in some other cities, but it’s certainly doubling and can kind of really put the highlight on what the trend is and the problem that we’re having. So with all that in mind, Doc, what are some of the things people need to do to adjust to these rising cases that we’ve got going on? So, first, you really must protect our home and that those that live in it first, So please refrain from attending public spaces and events like bars. Had two parlors, jam sports practices, um, events, weddings, funerals, parties, those sorts of things we’re seeing the most spread happening with. You don’t have a mask on what’s hard to do while you’re playing sports or eating or drinking, especially with alcohol involved. Um, And then, as we know, even activities that were low risk before becoming a higher risk. Now, like going to the grocery store or getting your hair cut, All those are becoming less safe. Yeah, so? And so I mean, I guess, Yeah, I and I also want to add to that, too. Is we are about two weeks out from Thanksgiving, and so just really encourage everyone to start planning today. Um, the safest way toe spend Thanksgiving is with the same person. You’ve been spending dinner with every nice this month. Um, but if you must travel or have other family and friends, Um, please, uh, start tomorrow. Quarantining for two weeks prior on. Recommended everyone get tested 2 to 3 days before traveling on DSO. That means anyone who’s planning on expanding your bubble, um, for the holidays. He then said Really start, start thinking about that now and then Employers as well. Um, please, like, now is the time. If you did tell work back in March in April, and now is the time to reinstate that again. Um please allow you employees the work virtually as much as possible and postpone or reschedule any in person training sessions and meetings that you have on the calendar. Um, and so, yeah, the position public health leader, preventing suffering from illness and preventing death is always my first priority. Um, I have faith in our community and have hope that the situation will improve. We’ve had a lot of good news come out over the last couple of days, and so start planning and thinking about next year’s things giving with all your family members that you love. Because I believe we can do this together and we can stop the spread. Um, together as Louisville, Doc, yesterday we had mentioned the kind of promising news from Bio in Tech Advisor about the vaccine. So can you comment a little bit about the vaccine development? Other vaccines? Are we getting closer? When when we start expecting to see some vaccines locally? Yeah. So the news that came out yesterday very promising, um, reporting over 90% effectiveness, which is much better than other vaccines that we have on the market now. So, um, it still needs to be, um Okay, by the FDA before, um out to the public. And I think they have about 50 million doses ready to go. Eso cut that in half. That’s about 25 million people that can get vaccinated. And we know first priority is going to be our healthcare workers. And then our first person ponders on then those with chronic medical conditions. But hopefully by next year and before next Thanksgiving. The other vaccines little becoming to fruition as well, too. And we can look forward to, ah, better Thanksgiving next year. So we really are looking at a roll out through full 2021. This is not something that’s gonna be over in the coming months. No, I don’t see. Um, we need about 70% of the population vaccinated in order to get that herd immunity to prevent the spread that we see happening to get back to our old normal lives. So I don’t see that happening before this holiday season, but I am hopeful for next year we will, Yeah. And then do you expect anything to change? I know it’s still 70 plus days away or so before President elect Biden takes office, But yesterday he announced a blue ribbon advisory board. Do you expect? What kind of changes would you expect to see there? I’m hopeful that we’ll get a national unified response so they’ll be less confusion kind of across state lines and counties about what the best measure is to prevent the spread and keep our community and loved ones safe. Um, I don’t know if it all here at public health and wellness, we’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done and making sure response. And this is where making ah follows the best science and are protecting those that maybe are not ableto protect themselves, whether it’s their workplace or where they might live. Um, but I’m mostly excited about the unified approach that’s hopefully coming down the way. Alrighty, Okay. And then you mentioned Thanksgiving or two weeks and two days out from that and recommendations for that. Yeah. So safest recommendations to stay home and eat with the people you always have dinner with. Um, and people you know have been following the red recommendations video and your family and friends What you cook, um, and eats or and drop off your favorite dishes at their house on Don’t eat with them in person. Uh, second safest. To know your risk. If you’re in a high risk category or work with people on high risk categories or really worried about the long term Reflection Cove, it would rethink and maybe go back to that safest option. But if you still want to get together or need to get together, I know there’s a lot of people that still wants Thio. Um, still need to travel. Some ways to make that safer is to start quarantining tomorrow. So two weeks before you travel or head to dinner, Um, if you need to go to the grocery store, get that all done tomorrow before you start that quarantining any other areas that you might need to run, Um, talk to your boss about working remotely or taking time off, and then next is to get tested. So recommending testing kind of three days before you travel, especially if you’re getting on an airplane or um, in a car with people you’re not normally with stopping at gas stations. Uh, I want to do that three days before you’re gonna get your results back in time on DNA. Most importantly, don’t leave if you don’t have your results. Um, stay home if that result positive or if you get sick after you got tested, Um, and then also with testing, recommending testing like 2 to 5 days after people get back and then while traveling while with family and friends. Um, you’re not around the people you’re always with. Please, just make sure you’re wearing a mask. Um, when and are facing 6 ft apart. Wash your hands. Often, I recommend statement Ah, hotel or not in the same vicinity as as others that you’re not normally around. Um, And then for dinner, make sure you’re spacing seats 6 ft apart outside of possible. Hopefully, the weather stays nice like it has been, um, and then just any questions. I know it’s a lot of information and a lot of ways to reduce the with risk. So please keep checking CDCs website. They have great recommendations about Thanksgiving and are updating them daily as well. Um, and if we follow these, everyone will be here to enjoy next year’s Thanksgiving and years to come on. DSo just really I know people are probably down about this year looking different so just start dreaming about next year on. Hopefully we can enjoy that with all our family and friends together. Alright, folks, so you can see how serious it is. And then the requirement to have a plan to do this safely is obviously never been more important. So you can find all those guidelines at the CDC website. So we’ll go ahead and take some of the media questions that Aaron now relative to the comments that have just come up. So, Jean, do you want to facilitate that? Sure. Um, Markets Green from the PRB is asking the given that we’re in the red zone. Do you think it’s responsible for the KFC? Senator reopened for basketball in two weeks? Mayor, Would you like toe? Take that one? Sure, I mean their plan. Yeovil’s plan has been approved by the governor’s office on that. Remember, the participation believes that 15% so to be about 3000 people in the Yum Center. So as long as they’re spaced appropriately and as long as they’re not bunched up when they’re coming into the Yum Center, it should be fine. If they don’t follow those practices. Obviously, that’s a danger but that’s an example of accommodating Thio. This new reality we’re in with just 15% attendance there, we will be finding out. Obviously, most sports sports have been outdoors so far, which has been helpful when they go inside Now will be learning to see if still, that same 15% is gonna have the same positive benefit. Um, and Dr Moyer, uh, Carrie Grace of W. L. Kyi’s asking how safe for those big lose it ate up when it comes to safe dining. So that the igloos, I mean, I think it’s it’s safe if you’re eating out with your own family and people that you’re around anyways at home. I think if you’re in a enclosed area with people you not aren’t normally with that, they’re probably less safe. I know Nick heart is on the line. I don’t know, Nikki, Anything you wanna add about those? Yes, doctor. More. I think that you hit some of the key highlights. And you know, when we look a small, confined spaces, we the best guidance we have is is from the C. D. C s guidance on hotel use. We know that we gather in those small confined areas. We’re going to fill that with the respiratory droplets that transferred Cove in 19. And so I would say that you’re taking some extra risks if you’re sharing those spaces and they have not been decontaminated between users. And so we want to make sure that those areas get fully ventilated. The hair has moved out of those igloos. All the surfaces inside it are decontaminated to remove any droplets that maybe on hard surfaces that could that in fact, the next user let’s go ahead. And Segway and Nick. He was up next here on our presentation, and we can work these questions in as we go along. So Jean, however you want to facilitate that. But another aspect of our work to beat back the cove it is the health and wellness is team work with businesses, particularly those that have been really hit hard by the disease, like bars and restaurants and restaurants are a huge part of our city and the culture of our city. The old bourbon is, um, experience that we have. So these are environments, though, where we’ve seen people catch the disease. At one point, it was kind of the leading area. Now it’s inside the house. Hold where people are catching it. But restaurants and bars were critical to the economy of our city as well. So we want to do everything we can tow, help them stay open safely. And Nick Heart is our environmental manager with public health and wellness. And so he and his team have expanded compliance and enforcement work. So, Nick, what are you seeing in terms of any kind of strategic changes that you and your team have made in response to the surgeon cases? And what do you see in his best practices out there? Yes, Uh, mayor, you know, we are taking it very seriously and to communicate that we want to make sure that our community knows that we’re stopping pretty much all of the routine inspection activities that we would normally do and and take for our community. Keep you know, the safety up, because Cove it is the primary concern that we have in our community that it’s affecting our public health right now. So there are some activities that we’re not gonna be able to dismiss, but I just want everyone to know that we’re transitioning so the majority of our environmentalist time is gonna be focused specifically on co vid. So what that means is that anything? Any activity that we’re not dismissing born illness investigations, indoor air quality inspections, school facility inspections where people are still going into school. Ah, large component of that is going to be focused on cove in compliance. And there’s gonna be a covert assessment on that. We have been doing that with many of our inspections in the past, but now our entire division is going toe integrate. A covert assessment is part of their activity for any any inspection or investigation that we can’t dismiss. So, Aziz, part of that we are pretty much quadrupling the amount of time that we’re going to spend on evening, late night and weekend surveillance. Um, each of our environmentalist is gonna dedicate some time during the week for evening, and then we’re also creating those strike teams to go out for late night surveillance as well as events and weekend activities. And we’re gonna be focusing this surveillance on those peak operation hours. So we know that that is the crucial time that encourages large numbers of people to congregate and shared spaces and because it’s gonna be peak time, you know, we may not be announcing ourselves. Operators you may not know that were there performing surveillance Onda. We may be doing follow up via mail or a phone call afterwards. We’re not trying to disrupt business, but we also are trying to get a realistic idea of what it looks like during the times we see the most people out in our community. Um, we’re also going to start shifting to be ableto focus more on non, you know, public health, permitted facilities and activities. So there’s a lot of businesses out there that we don’t regularly work with. Once you all to know that we’re gonna be visiting, we’re gonna be observing your operations, especially those operations there that our customer forward serving the public on a regular basis and then last. I do want everyone to know that if if we do have ah, violation that we have observed, we’re going to reach out to that organization, and we will be doing follow up inspections to ensure that that violation is corrected. Part of that we talked earlier about we want customers to seek out, uh, companies that are doing good precautions that air following these guidelines. So we are looking at two. We plan to publish a violation list on Ellen Ph. W’s website, and so you’ll be ableto see who has received violations because they’re not following healthy at work guidelines and that they’re not following those face covering guidelines. So I do wanna do a big shout out to our partners over it. Alcohol, beverage control. There is a statewide push that is providing guidance to this organization. They’ve been our primary supporter. They’re helping us with compliance on a daily basis. And I do want everyone to understand that, um, both L M P h W as well as the ABC does have regulations out there that says, if we think that a public health threat exists or there is a public health threat that’s being created due toa behavior inside an organization that does give us an opportunity to look at those operating permits and see if if that needs to be addressed, those operating licenses need to be pulled because we are having re occurring large impact public threats occurring at organizations. So with that, we do have a slide do you want to make sure that all the businesses have the resource is that they need to continue operating. This should not be new material to everyone. In fact, healthy at work does say that if you are going to open, you’re gonna have employees and you’re gonna be serving customers that not only must you meet these standards, but you must maintain these standards to stay open. So if you cannot meet or maintain these standards, businesses or operations, whether they’re non profit volunteer for profit if you can’t meet the standards, you have a self imposed obligation to not perform that activity. So these resources we have developed and published on our website are environmentalists will be carrying them around with them to be able to give toe businesses. We have great guidance that has condensed three information provided by healthy at work and made it much easier to use. So we have that general business guidance. We have got into that if you have an employee who’s come to work or a customer who’s been in your establishment has been sick, how do you need to go about identifying those people who need to quarantine and isolate Andi, then great checklists for businesses and event planners and other organizer’s that they could go through step by step to make sure that they have the right precautions in place. All right, Nick was a couple questions for you from the media that gene is going to give to you. Um, yes, Marcus Green from WV RBS. What are some examples of the types of businesses that Metro normally doesn’t work with, but that we’ll see increased enforcement and surveillance? What? So we generally don’t have a lot of opportunity to go into office buildings? We will be taking opportunity toe, look at large employers and check in with them of hair salons, spas, um, many of the retail outlets. And so, you know, we normally go into maul marts, but we generally stick with the food retail as opposed to the rest of the retail in the organization. Eso places where people are going out where they’re shopping right where they’re meeting up Thio no, essentially congregate and check in with one another, um, community events. Good example of this was the car show that came back in the summer. We’ll be looking at those large gatherings now and making sure that we have a presence there. We’ve been going to a lot of private clubs on country club type scenarios to check in on people. So I know that you’re not used to seeing us. Um, in many cases, if we do come in to discuss operations with you, we will identify ourselves. But I want everybody to know that because we have a very large city, we’re trying Thio, make sure that this enforcement for compliance is equitably spread across the city. So everybody’s getting guidance, and then we’re having our eyes on everything. Um, we’re gonna do this in the most efficient way possible. So we may be coming into your establishment making observations, recording those and then quickly moving to the next establishment, making observations, recording them, then coming back to the office to be either followed up in male or on phone call. Um, Paul Mouth from WHS radio had asked about more details on the business lift, and when it was a published, Kathy has followed up with Answer that the we’re going to send out are you guys will be sending out, um, those businesses that we’ve received complaints on investigated and issued orders for correction via our press release weekly starting next week. And then we’ll be publishing our press releases on our website. Um, and I think those air all the questions for you, Nick. So far, I just say to Yeah, and if people see violations, Nick, they can call 311 Is that right? Is that the best way to absolutely 311 is a great way. I do want everyone to know that they get a lot a lot of phone calls if you If you use the mail in the email in function for 311 we’re absolutely going to get your phone call. That’s the best way to transfer your concerns to us. So there are multiple methods. If you’re calling, you can’t get a hold someone make sure you’re using that email module before we move on. Mayor, I’m gonna go back to a couple of questions that, um, we didn’t hit earlier. Um, I think for a doctor Moyer, um, Carrie Grace from W. Okay. Why? I asked how many of the deaths are co vid on Lee versus complications of co vid. All of the deaths are reviewed and vetted by a committee of public health and medical professionals at the state Health Department. So death all that’s are usually a combination of factors on that. Just a single cause. But cova 19 would push someone to mortality when they otherwise would not have where they would have maintained their current health condition. We know some chronic conditions, um, were disposed uto poor outcomes with Covic. So it’s a combination of all of them. But all of the Copa death those people would have been alive today if it wasn’t for coronavirus. Thank you, Dr Maria. Um, John Boyle of W F P. L is asked, um and I guess this question is for you. With Metro government. Consider enacting stricter localized restrictions in the absence of further restrictions from the governor. Well, they kind of programs that Nick just described to you there what we could do locally with MAWR enforcement when we have permits and licenses. That’s kind of the the leverage that we have for compliance. What we’re seeing, obviously, is there’s plenty of regulations out there, and and guidelines with people are not complying. So that’s really when this thing will come into, uh, into control is when everybody starts doing the right thing relative to the virus, so hesitate to do you know, more regulations, more of this if you people aren’t going to comply. But we will be exercising. Mawr Resource is from our public health department for oversight and enforcement. All right, let’s move now, Thio, our final speaker. So and that’s gonna be from a health equity perspective here with Kobe 19 Metro Government’s been working for years to improve health equity in our city. Our Center for Health Equity was one of the first in the country. It was established in 2000 and six, and it’s a great national model for how toe understanding address racial disparities with health. So I’d like to welcome Rebecca Hollenbach with us. Right now. She’s the executive administrator at our Center for Health Equity and Rebecca. The centers produce something to help us fight against Cove in, uh, 19 and the fight for health equity. If you wanna share information about our new Kobe 19 care kits. Thank you, Mayor. Good morning, everyone. What I want to share is that from the beginning of the pandemic, Central Public Equity as part of the Kobe 19 response has really been trying to think about what is the best way to support our residents. We know that this is a difficult time, you know that. We’re asking you thio up, take a lot of behaviors, right? So isolating when you’re sick is something that we don’t always normally do on bond that that can last for a while, right? That could be about 10 days or more, depending on your symptoms on. We know that that could be difficult. That can be scary. And we wanna find ways to be able to support all of our residents. So we’ve developed these parapets, um, they’re based off of different things that other countries have done other medical providers have done. Um, your nationally. Um And so when what happens is we will get information on someone being a positive face that will come into our contact tracing and tracking system. A soon as we have that information, we’re sending people out and deliver these packages. They look like cardboard boxes with a label on them. Um, that show that they’re from public health and wellness. Andi inside. We have materials that can help keep you safe during your stay during your isolation as well as hopefully alleviate some stress and make your isolation experience a little bit better. Eso that includes in oximeter So you contract your oxygen levels. It includes a thermometer. So you contract your symptoms. Um, it includes masks and hand sanitizer as well as toilet paper. So, um, some snacks and then some just nice leisure time activity. So coloring books, things like that so that you can have the best possible isolation experience. Um and so our hope is that sometimes people will receive these boxes before we’re even able toe call them. So if you get this box, it will have information about what it means to isolate and how to do that safely. We ask that you contact us if you have any questions using the help line, that number is 5029128598 Um, and really, this is kind of a gift of support from us to you to thank you for everything you’re doing to help keep yourself, your family and your community safe. Thank you, Rebecca. Is this something that’s in practice and a good part of the country. Now I think there are several cities that are doing, and I wouldn’t say that it’s widespread, but we have been able to use the federal Cares funding that we’ve received to provide this additional support to our community. But and so somebody can either call our covert line in request or else we know about them through our public health tracing efforts and follow up. Is that how this works? Yes. We will know when you go out and get tested and you test positive, your result will show up in our system. We will use that result. Um, Thio, make sure that you get a care kit if you have any questions about what it means to isolate safely. If you want to know about your carrick it or any other information, please feel free to reach out and call us if you are. If you get a positive result and you have not yet heard from our contact tracers, you are welcome to call this help line that’s up on the screen and start the contact tracing process, eh? So that you can let us know where you’ve been in who you might be in contact with and who we might need. Thio let know that they need to isolate or quarantine as well. Um, All right, good. We saw the number on the line called 5029128598 Bible to 9128598 Okay, well, thank you for the update on our care kits and everything the Center for Health Equity is doing here during this, uh, during this pandemic. All right, I’m gonna mention a few things about lift up Louisville, and then we’ll be happy to take any more questions that come here. I think everybody knows by now. Lift up, Louisville. We started. That’s at the beginning of pandemic to unite people online. Keep their spirits up during the pandemic. And so we’ve been working with arts and art programs, other cultural organizations throughout the entire time that we’ve been up now since March or April in this week since tomorrow is Veterans Day. Lift up, Louis, highlighting our veterans and our annual week of valor. The lift up Blue Hero of the week is the Veterans Club. Congratulations to the Veterans Club. They offer a wide range of services and support for veterans and their families, including equine therapy, career transitioning, family outreach and a lot more than that. So check out and support this outstanding communication, our community organization and Veterans Club inc dot org’s. And then on Veterans Day tomorrow there’s gonna be several great recognition events happening around Louisville and virtually toe honor our veterans for this year’s Veterans Day. It’s an unusual one with the pandemic. We had a great parade in reverse this past Saturday. Eso We’re adapting to the Cove in 19 World so you can check out Lift up Lou on social media for a full list of events tomorrow. And then, of course, there’s great content on lift up Blue every week and again, a big thank you to our veterans and special shout out to my dad, my favorite veteran, 88 year old United States Air Force veteran. With that gene, uh, we want to go to any remaining questions from the media. I think we have covered all of them that were put in there. If any other media have any to add, we’ll give you a minute. He second circuits, all right, please do so. In the meantime, just from a local standpoint, remember, you can sign up for a clinical trial now with Norton Baptist Health Care University of Kentucky. It stopped Covad k. Y dot com report Anybody or any organizations that you feel are not support supporting our guidelines If you by calling 311 or emailing Metro three metro 30.311 at Louisville, k y dot gov and then follow the governor’s orders for red zone communities, which were in with our incidence rate of 42 per 100,000. So, folks, we’re just not doing as well as what we need to be doing citywide to get the virus under control. So if everybody would please do their part with the basics with masking up with its distancing and hand washing, we will get these numbers down and get them together as the vaccine starts coming gradually to us. But that’s not gonna be any type of instant solution. We’re gonna be masking up for quite some time as we head into 2021. So with that, I say thank you for joining us today. Everybody, please be safe practice to cope with guidelines and we’ll see you next time

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Health Department increasing COVID-19 compliance, inspections at Louisville businesses

The Louisville Metro Health Department is cracking down on COVID-19 compliance and inspection work at bars, restaurants and other businesses in the city, according to Mayor Greg Fischer. A COVID-19 assessment will be integrated into any environmental inspection. The health department is quadrupling the amount of surveillance during peak times, such as weekends and evenings, to better gauge compliance at bars and restaurants. Some inspections will be unannounced, officials say.Concerning Thanksgiving, Health Director Dr. Sarah Moyer encouraged families to avoid travel and large gatherings. The extended compliance comes as Kentucky is in the midst of another surge with the state’s positivity rate at nearly 7.5%.Click here for the latest information on COVID-19 in Kentucky.Hear more from the Mayor in the player above.

The Louisville Metro Health Department is cracking down on COVID-19 compliance and inspection work at bars, restaurants and other businesses in the city, according to Mayor Greg Fischer.

A COVID-19 assessment will be integrated into any environmental inspection.
The health department is quadrupling the amount of surveillance during peak times, such as weekends and evenings, to better gauge compliance at bars and restaurants.
Some inspections will be unannounced, officials say.

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Concerning Thanksgiving, Health Director Dr. Sarah Moyer encouraged families to avoid travel and large gatherings.

The extended compliance comes as Kentucky is in the midst of another surge with the state’s positivity rate at nearly 7.5%.

Click here for the latest information on COVID-19 in Kentucky.

Hear more from the Mayor in the player above.

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