Harrison County WV Historical Society hosts night of spooky tales

By | October 18, 2020

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – On Saturday, the Harrison County West Virginia Historical Society partnered with Harrison Rail Trails to present a night of virtual Halloween themed stories.

Crystal Wimer

Spooky stories were told from various story tellers via a livestream on YouTube due to the COVID-19 gobal pandemic. Volunteer story tellers were able to pick out their favorite stories to tell keeping the audience on the edge of their seat.

“As nonprofits anyway, we are still trying to fundriase and keep our organizations going and still delivering awsome programs. You know, with the rail trail still trying to move the trail system forward. So, we are really excited,” said Crystal Wimer, Execuitve Director of the Harrison County WV Historical Society.

The night of virtual stories was free to view but Harrison Rail Trails were asking for donations through Paypal during the presentations.

Spooky Tales

“We start planning for Spooky Tales, in a nonpandemic year, we start planning Spooky Tales early in the summer. And figuring out, you know, getting our story tellers lined up, getting our decorations put together and doing any fundraisnig we need to do,” said Wimer.

Harrison County West Virginia Historical Society explained that both of the organizations work well together. Both organizations are hoping to be able to host Spooky Tales in person for 2021.

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