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Halloween 2020 a little different? Make it great with easy decor and crafts


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Halloween 2020 a little different? Make it great with easy decor and crafts

Craft ghost garland and Jack ‘o lantern gifts to make Halloween 2020 a memorable one, regardless of social distancing!

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mhm. Hey, everyone, I’m Meghan Murphy, the content director of Woman’s Day magazine. Halloween may look a little different this year, but we’ve got some tricks and treats to ensure everyone has a spooktacular time. So costumes aren’t just for the 31st. You can mask up all October with festive face coverings were loving red bubble dot com for the best selection of Halloween theme prints for kids and adults. And why don’t you get your whole outfit in on the action? Something as simple as a cobweb cape and a spider headband makes you the party. That’s what it’s all about. Maybe decorating your house as if you are having a party, even if no one’s coming over, I did a little balloon action. These paper fans really go as big as you want. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to Halloween. You can also buy or d I. Y. Your decor found these cute little ghosts at Party City for a couple of bucks, and then we also made our own look at thes boo to full string lights. This was so simple to make, so we took regular string light, took a Ping Pong ball drew a face on it, covered it in cheesecloth and strung them through the light. How cute is that trick or treating this year? You’re probably not going door to door. Here’s a fun alternative. Treat balls. Look at these adorable pumpkin treat balls. You take a clear plastic ornament that you can get on Amazon and fill them with stickers. Candies? You name it. Pack him with treats, then cover it in a little bit of orange tissue paper. You create the stem with some floral tape and voila! An awesome way. Thio Boo A friend or neighbor. I hope you wrote all that down. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I created a shopping list with links to everything. Just head to K e t v dot com forward slash celebrate Halloween to check it out. Not only

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Halloween may look a little different this year, but we have some tricks and treats to ensure that everybody has a spooktacular time in 2020, regardless of social distancing and trick-or-treat plans in your area. Here’s your shopping list for a memorable Halloween.


Festive Halloween face masks



An upside to masking up: Instant costume! Mask up all October with festive Halloween face coverings. We love Redbubble.com for the best selection of Halloween themed masks in prints for kids and adults. 


Easy and Elegant Spider Cape



Pair this elegant spiderweb cape from Grandin Road with a little black dress for a quick and simple Halloween costume. Add this spider fascinator from Etsy or the cute pumpkin headband in the next slide below to finish off the look.


Pumpkin Headband and Poncho Combo



Here’s another headband and cape combo to get into the “spirit” of things! This feather pumpkin headband pairs equally well with the laser cut spider cape, above, or with this pumpkin poncho. Toss it on over a black shirt and black skinny jeans, easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.


Halloween Party Decoration Kit



This Halloween party decoration set includes six paper fans, four paper pom-poms, two honeycomb balls, and a Happy Halloween banner, all for under $12!


Orange “Boo” Letter Balloons



BOO! One simple little Halloween touch can have a big impact, but feel free to go as over-the-top as you dare! Add these balloons for more festive touches to your small Halloween gathering.


Halloween Decorative Pumpkin



This white sculpted pumpkin makes a cute addition to your Halloween decorations. It features a painted design of bold black and colored stripes, along with a glittery stem for a cool and creative festive effect. Make it the centerpiece of your table.


Buy or DIY: Ghost Tassel Garland



This ghost garland is a super fun and easy way to level up any doorway or fireplace. You can buy it ready-made, or create your own with this simple DIY.

Step 1: Pierce holes through the tops of ping-pong balls and draw faces on them.
Step 2. Dip cheesecloth squares into Mod Podge and drape over the ball.
Step 3. Poke Christmas string lightbulbs through the top to hang.

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