United States News Montana Guest opinion: Gianforte is no supporter of public education

Guest opinion: Gianforte is no supporter of public education


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In KTVQ’s September 30 coverage, Congressman Gianforte refers to “certain, unnecessary regulations for public schools” without ever giving a single detail. So, which education laws would he gut as Governor? Teacher licensure? School accreditation? Maybe Gianforte will join Superintendent Elsie Arntzen in illegally following Betsy DeVos’ playbook to funnel our tax dollars away from public schools to private institutions.

You also won’t ever hear Congressman Gianforte talking about his rating with the National Education Association. That’s because Congressman Gianforte has earned a 0% rating with the NEA, an organization representing more than three million educators and public employees, every year he’s been in federal office. To be clear, a 0% rating from the NEA means that Congressman Gianforte never, not once, ever supported public education in Congress. That’s a rap sheet you just can’t escape.

It’s no surprise that Gianforte is lying about his support for public education. He lied about protecting stream access, he lied to police about body slamming a reporter, he lied about supporting social security and Medicare, and he lied about supporting “Right to Work” in Montana.

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It’s a good thing Congressman Gianforte has a clear voting record and a long history of direct quotes in Montana media outlets. Otherwise, we’d have no idea where he really stands. Gianforte has never answered the phone when this union, representing the vast majority of all public educators in Montana, has called him for an interview.

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