Latest News Gotham Knights Game, The Next Big Batman Game (2020)

Gotham Knights Game, The Next Big Batman Game (2020)


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Two new games are finally announced after a wait of five years since Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham knight and almost a year of teasing on Saturday, August 22 at DC fandom. This was the first gander we got at games during the same event. After that various leaks fill in the missing information for Gotham Knights (The Next Big Batman Game).

The Next Big Batman Game , Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Game: The Next Big Batman Game

There are a number of questions regarding WB Montreal’s new game, Gotham Knights information. Here are mainly all the questions with their answers which will give you full information.

1. Releasing Date of The Next Big Batman  Game, Gotham Knights?

The game will release in 2021.The specific season or month is till now not announced by the WB Montreal.Gameplay Footage from the game was shown at fandom.

The Next Big Batman Game, Gotham Knights

2. On which System Gotham Knights will be available?

This Next Big Batman Game will be available for PS5, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Xbox Series once it will launch.

3. All about The Trailer For Gotham Knights?

The trailer of the Gotham Knights reveals quite a bit about the story. In the trailer, Bruce tells himself as dead to his closest cohorts. It is not sure whether if this is from when Darkseid killed him in the comics or something from his perceived death in Arkham Knight.

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The Next Big Batman Game

There are four playable characters shown in the trailer: Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood. Bruce Wayne’s video shows the Belfry, a fictional secondary hideout for the Bat-family operated by Tim Drake and used by DC’s fictional Gotham Knights. For sure it will be used as a hub for players to choose missions and objectives in the game.

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This time around the Court of Owls is likely the villains shown in the trailer. The screen flashes with a single Talon jump scaring toward the viewers.

4. Who is voicing over which character?

There are four playable characters in the game Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

  1. Character Batgirl is a voice covered by America Young, who is known for portraying Barbie in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.
  2. Character Nightwing is voice overed by Christopher Sean,who is known for portraying kazuda Xiono in Star Wars: Resistance.
  3. Character Red Hood is voice overed by Stephen Oyoung,known for portraying Mr. Negative in Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  4. Character Robin is voice overed by Sloan Mogan Siegal,known for portaying the title role in DWIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.
  5. Character Alfred is voice overed by Gildart Jackson,known for narrating audiobooks.

5. Story of Gotham Knights?

According to the Trailer After the death of the Batman,Batgirl,Nightwing,Red Hood and Robin will rise up as the protector of the Gotham City.

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After Batman’s death,an expansive criminal underworld has swept through the streets of Gotham. It seems playable characters have to stop the court of owls and possibly Mr. Freeze.

6. How did Gotham Knights connect to previous Batman Arkham games?

Gotham Knights is not at all connected to the Batman Arkham series. WB Montreal’s latest title always kicks of their own universe they are always different storest.

7. Is there is any Gameplay footage for Gotham Knights?

After the release of the trailer of Gotham Knights we also got a full look at the gameplay. You can also watch it. Click on the provided video.

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According to this official gameplay we got informed that Gotham Knights will feature traversal using the bat-cycle. We also came to know we will get notified in the game whenever other players will join it. Levels are shown on each character more RPG-esque elements and gameplay might be limited based on level.

A sort of some gear system also appears in the play. The game is overall similar but different enough from Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series. Freeflow system seems to be missing from this iteration of Batman.

8. Does it contain a Multiplayer?

In the middle of the gameplay, the upper right corner says “Robin joined the session” which shows that multiplayer is available in the game. We can see co-op in the gameplay trailer.

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9. How you can play multiplayer in-game?

Split-screen is unavailable in the game. One can play online with 1-2 players. Unfortunately, you can’t run around with a posse of four.

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