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Cheapest Student Cities in Germany


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Studying in a country like Germany is a dream for many students, but being able to afford is also very necessary. As a student, everybody is not able to live in an expensive city until and unless he/she is working, cause each cent matters and saving is the highest priority over there. If we are living in an inexpensive country, we need to take care of important things like residence, money, market and surroundings. In order to attain all this, we have to spend a lot of money so we’re going to discuss the cheapest student cities in Germany, where living is affordable.

Comparing to other cities in Germany following are the cheapest cities that are more affordable for a student and helps to keep control over savings, As the cost of living really matters.


Cheapest student cities in germany
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Bielefeld is situated in the North East region of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and it has a population of 3,50,000 people. Living over here is affordable, so student’s highest financial concern is rent, but in this city rent is not such a big issue usually in peripheral areas a student can easily find such apartments at rent prices ranging from €200 and €457. Bielefeld also has good quality restaurants where a student can easily afford a meal at a cheap price. On an average meal for a single person is quite inexpensive. Whether its Apartment, local transport, taxi fare, restaurant meal or Fitness membership Bielefeld always offers the best quality at affordable prices.

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Frankfurt City is located in the banks of the oder’s river and is situated in East Germany near the Polish border. Life in Frankfurt is quite affordable even if we rent a one-bedroom apartment around City Centre it will cost on average a €460 per month. Frankfurt is mainly known for its cheap restaurants in an expensive restaurant a person can have a meal for a single person at a price of €8. On average if you talk about items or services for example apartment in City Centre, apartment in the periphery, utilities local transport ticket, taxi fare, restaurant meal Fitness membership, Frankfurt and Berlin both have different prices for services.

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Halle is located in the central part of Germany. about 2,40,000 of the population are the residence of it. Apart from being such an amazing City the cost of living in this area is quite cheap, utility bills over here range between €85 and €314. There are many good restaurants all over the place where you can have a delicious meal all at a reasonable price. If you decide to have a drink, on average a beer bottle cost €3.50 and if you wish to have a cup of cappuccino it will cost you about €2.70


Passau is a small city situated in Southern Germany near the border of Austria which is known as the city of three rivers because Danube, Inn and Ilz pass through its land. Passau is a small city with a population of about 50,000 people. Life here is cheap and affordable, rent is reasonable, food and utilities all come at small prices compared to most big cities in Germany. The center of the Passau city offers Less price for Apartments while outside the cost of the apartment is more. It is important to know that the cost of utilities in this part of Germany is very much low. If we would like to eat outside the Passau is literally a great place to live as we won’t have to take much worry for savings.

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It is one of the cheapest student cities in Germany. It is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia near the city of the Dusseldorf .it has a population of 230,000. It is an affordable place to live in Germany. Apartments over here cost at a reasonable price but if we need more space and we would like to rent a larger Apartment, then we will have to pay a higher amount. If we manage accordingly, kranfield proves to be an astounding city for a student. Best cities in Germany for international students

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