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#TBT: Cow Work, v.2.0

This was first posted October 31, 2009. Today, again, was filled with cow work…The cows we brought down yesterday were scattered far and wide this morning. They didn’t like where we put them… Not enough grass… Not where they wanted to be… So they left… Well, some left… These were up on the hill…trying to…… Read More »

Q&A Video

Another video. Maybe I can post twice a week? One that’s photos and videos accompanied by music… my “Re-Red” videos… and maybe one where I’m talking… I can do Q&A sessions, teach a craft, share my wisdom (insert laughing here!) or just talk… Today’s the first attempt at that. To kick it off, I went… Read More »

Historic lineup, stark contrasts: Wyo’s congressional races

On Aug. 18, as the country commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s ratification, voters in Wyoming — which granted women the right to vote a full 50 years before the rest of the country — cast their ballots in the state’s primary election. Considering the date and the state’s history of male-dominated politics,… Read More »

As Legislature hems and haws, 19 counties to vote on taxes

Voters in 19 of Wyoming’s 23 counties will face local tax propositions on their General Election ballots, including 12 new revenue measures. The requests for new or continued taxing authority range from increasing sales taxes to fund infrastructure to forming special taxing districts for museums, firefighting and other things, according to a WyoFile analysis. Voters… Read More »

Arch exit signals next phase of decline for Wyo coal

Wyoming’s second largest coal company confirmed last week what many miners and residents had feared: It will prepare to close its mines in the state even as it looks for a buyer for the properties.  Arch Resources Inc. operates the Black Thunder and Coal Creek mines in the Powder River Basin, both located in Campbell… Read More »

Artist Glasson puts the ‘camp’ in trappers camp

The women’s faces are young and beautiful, but unsmiling. Their costumes engulf them in pelts, metal, fringe and sometimes spangles, but they aren’t primping. Instead, they stand tall, holding firearms, pointy sticks, axes. June Glasson’s portrait subjects are channeling their inner mountain man, and this exhibit proposes a seriously funny, brave new world of women… Read More »