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Sexual misconduct cases in CPS are down since remote learning began, but more misbehavior has moved online

As of Sept. 30, 93 CPS employees, including 46 teachers, were removed from their schools, and 16 substitute teachers were blocked pending investigations into allegations of misconduct toward students, according to the inspector general’s office. Another 14 CPS staff members remain pulled after the inspector general closed or referred their cases; some are now being… Read More »

Nightmare fuel

A couple of weeks ago, Reader contributors Kaylen Ralph and Catey Sullivan wrote about streaming productions with resonance for this double whammy nightmare season of Halloween and Possibly The Last Free Elections in the United States. (Oh, and there՚s still a deadly pandemic raging.) They joined Reader theater and dance editor Kerry Reid in an… Read More »

New York label Freedom to Spend ventures into the field with the compilation New Neighborhoods

You don’t have to know Ernest Hood’s 1975 album Neighborhoods to understand what’s going on in the new compilation New Neighborhoods, but it doesn’t hurt. Born in 1923, Hood was a Portland jazz musician who kept up with new recording and production techniques throughout his life, and in 1964 he cofounded the listener-supported Portland radio… Read More »

United Center to serve as polling place on Election Day

“We are proud to partner with the United Center to make voting even easier for Chicagoans on Election Day,” Marisel Hernandez, chairwoman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, said in the release. “We’re encouraging everyone to plan their vote — whether that’s by mail, early in person, or in person on Election Day —… Read More »