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What is voter suppression? Tactics used against communities of color throughout history, in 2020

NEW YORK — As Election Day draws close, some American citizens have experienced barriers to voting, particularly in communities of color. While stories about voter suppression across the nation made news headlines, civil rights activists and attorneys from the Transformative Justice Coalition have been recruiting 3,000 African American lawyers to be part of election protection.… Read More »

New coronavirus spike in L.A. County brings new alarms

There were new alarming signs that COVID-19 was spreading again in Los Angeles County, with officials announcing the highest one-day increase in cases not connected to a reporting backlog since August. The county reported 1,745 new cases Thursday as well as 19 new deaths. It’s the latest evidence that after declining for several months, the… Read More »

Bay Area wins more money for homeless housing under Project Homekey

Alameda and San Mateo counties won millions of dollars for homeless housing Thursday, as Gov. Gavin Newsom doled out the last round of state funding through Project Homekey. Alameda County received more than $23 million for two projects totaling 165 units. Both sites will be used temporarily as interim housing for homeless residents, and then turned… Read More »