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Cassandra vs MongoDB

Are you considering Cassandra or MongoDB for your next data project but aren’t sure which one is better. When it comes to NoSQL databases, Cassandra or MongoDB may seem very similar but they are quite different. Both have their own strengths and value propositions. So in this article, we will compare Cassandra with MongoDB and… Read More »

What is CloudOps (Cloud Operations)

Moving to the cloud is an important concept right now as it is a hot topic for innovation nowadays. More and more companies started to host their applications on the cloud. Due to that, the term Cloud Ops has gained a lot of attraction among IT professionals. So we have decided to define the term… Read More »

What is Intent-Based Networking (IBN)

Intent-Based Networking or Intent-Driven Networking has recently become a very hot topic among tech professionals. Especially in those, who specialize in networking. It has been labeled as the next big thing and I know the term sounds pretty cool but what really is Intent-Based Networking.  What is an Intent-Based Network? If you want to have… Read More »

What is Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN has emerged as the next big thing in the networking industry. Is it another buzzword or is it the future of networking technology. Some companies such as Google have already started to use the SDN networking models, and have seen a performance increase from it. Over the past 2 years, there has been a… Read More »

What is DevOps and How does DevOps Work?

DevOps- It is one of the most heard buzz words in the tech industry nowadays. People are searching about DevOps on the internet like- What is DevOps? How to be a DevOps engineer? or scope of DevOps. Well if you also this kind of questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article,… Read More »