Benedict Cumberbatch Hits His 43rd Birthday on this 19 July

By | July 18, 2019

Benedict Cumberbatch birthday is here, he is going to turn 43 this year. The doctor strange wasn’t at all strange for his fans. Fans always loved and appreciated whatever roles he played all this while. Whether you make him goofy detective or overly successful surgeon, he always came hard as rock while performing the new identity. Benedict may or may not have plans for his 43rd birthday but we’re a kinda expecting his marvel mates to do something special for him.

Benedict Cumberbatch Uff Doctor Strange’s 43rd Birthday

Benedict Cumberbatch Birthday, Doctor Strange Birthday

Benedict and Robert Downey Jr. have been in the continuous encounter since Sherlock days and moreover, the whole marvel cast has been a family to each other so, we could expect some surprises flashing in the news as well. Recently, we heard some leaks related to Doctor Strange 2. There is a possible expectancy that we might witness the sequel before Marvel’s another Avenger film. As expected Benedict will become more strong in Doctor Strange sequel and might possess new power as well. Though his calm temperament won’t change no matter what so many sequels will come.

So, it’s Doctor Strange 43rd birthday, being a true fan what you could have done for him. Would you have thrown a party or some surprise gift? Can’t wait for further updates on this, till then stay tuned and be back for more stories.

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