United States News Wisconsin As Wisconsin wraps up canvassing and heads to a...

As Wisconsin wraps up canvassing and heads to a recount, what’s next? Elections experts weigh in


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The group found that voting irregularities were limited and did not change the outcome of the election, noting that it is normal for every election to experience a few administrative errors. Those errors have never affected the final election results, according to the report. 

“The Organization of American States, at the invitation of the Trump Administration, sent 28 observers to observe the election (across the U.S.) and found in its preliminary report that there were no “’serious irregularities,’” either, according to the group.

The Trump campaign can request a recount if the margin of the race was under 1 percentage point, which it will likely do sometime next week after each county is done finalizing their votes, known as a canvass. 

Many counties have already finished their counts. All county clerks are required to complete their canvasses by Nov. 17.

There was more transparency in this election than any other in Wisconsin’s history, said University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Barry Burden. Burden cited how clerks communicated with the press and public about how Election Day would progress, explaining how counting works. He also noted that some counties offered absentee ballot tracking, which had not been available in previous elections. 

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There are bipartisan members of each county’s canvass effort and anyone can observe the process. Many counties are also livestreaming the count on their websites. 

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